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part of a unified ukraine and that's the most important principle. moo. this program is brought you why. from norway's main stream whose work is wise. the group explore one thousand miles of norwegian coastal the report called encounters and access to wilkinson
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the sea. it is between pro and anti government forces continued across the east and west of ukraine as the united nations holds an emergency meeting at prices for class the nearly two jawed prepares for his first visit to africa since assuming office. his tour coincides with the fiftieth anniversary of late chinese new year don't lie his first visit to the contacts. hundreds of lives are lost thousands still missing after a landslide in dorothy's the dentist and authorities are working to distribute aid to survivors. a california jury ordering samsung electronics to pay over one hundred and nineteen billion us dollars to apple in a tight battle for last though then the california based technology giant had demanded what did you so much for joining us for the cctv news update on kurdish state in
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beijing. our top story right now the security situation in ukraine continues to deteriorate with confrontations between pro and anti government forces in the east and south of the country. ukraine's government is saying that military operations continuing at dawn near the town of months and it would not stop that tends to dislodge anti government activists. interior minister arson of a conte said ukrainian forces had seized control of a tv tower and for much worse. near the rebel stronghold of starbucks in the southern port city of odessa. over one hundred and thirty people had been detained after dozens were killed with a trade union building was set on fire police said that those detained could face charges ranging from participating in lyons to premeditated murder for police putting the number of people who died at thirty seven. most of whom were either choked on smoke or died from the pr that the building's windows. more than two hundred people were
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also injured. local authorities previously saying the death toll was forty three. and the eastern ukrainian thomas loans to the stronghold for the anti government protesters also seen confrontations between ukrainian troops and anti government activists for the latest would speak to our correspondent the parkinson who has been traveling in the country's eastern regions but kate's can you tell us more about the situation on the ground there. and what's been happening so far the lean and funny and kinda many financially into many calm situation many people and i kept on the streets they were nicely suggested yesterday the ukrainian armed forces moved in on the town look to people hair was expecting and afraid that the armed forces would continue pentagon on friday and spend the night bus attack didn't happen and they are going to give them a shot on sale in control of defense
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and the town with the mediocre recently sold came if the cause of the country on friday was amazed significant action taken by the ukrainian on with the thinking of emotion so called anti operation just under two weeks ago i was following this story advent event and this is my default. trains long simmering conflict the streets and shopping on friday. armed forces launched an assault on the anti commencement of strongholds of flabby and tsk. community action focused on the sixteenth of an attack at his ten point six km northwest of flabby and ukraine's armed forces to conduct checkpoints previously managed by support as for the east and asia. cover and i was now one of the ukrainian on with the supreme law of reason. if the meeting house. couldn't think what are they going to continue to read fonts into
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sundance. local residents many of whom support the pro independence uprising. just like to cross the east of the country in recent weeks chow said the soldier as the us and the union is not terrorists. only one of my family didn't want to look like my child is afraid to go out my child is a creature granted the street i can get to work today. so you'll have nothing to eat because we're blocked shots are nothing but every supposed to do. we tried to talk to them but they want us to act to provoke that they attack us and we just stand there be many weapons and am planting the ukrainian defense ministry said termination shock town to accept any cost is two in friday's attack adding bits to tremendous have been killed and dozens wounded. in the nation said they had also taken one passage in prison. it's a stitch films by a russian tv channel reports to show a ukrainian said this meant now
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and how the mosque and men kiev said the knee on friday that it controls crawford's the pianist. by evening there was no sign of ukraine's armed forces in the city center to play east in recent weeks as so funny in control cysts. updates to bring new ladder following mind of course the plantation way you see the ukrainian on fool says in the medical residents to walk angry with and that was the shifting incidents that have been nice to contact of mine in the ukrainian on fullest and said i'm eighty i took some incoming fire. avatar and finance he said it had a number of civilians were killed they can give meaning to them that the current us on the grounds stated at least one civilian policy is still coming to eight million tall not breach the morning the ukrainian on the head
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noun which we think from that position because of the incoming fire and that they took last night so kind to me instead of the expected end of bombs into this preceded the piece all the laws may happen but we have seen anything that one medication is in retreat when the leader of the anti government protesters also saying that they have put off the release of the seven osce inspectors in eastern ukraine because of the military assault on that honestly and ska. can you tell us more on that date. yes this is of any serious situation now this hostage crisis has been going on since last friday twenty eighth foreign ministry is that this was seen someone has subsequently been released on medical grounds and then a seven european still being held hostage tape and funny and so i've been following this story and i during the week that was our expectation for them in the sky beyond the cars and
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flying thing that progress was being made in the negotiations with the previous minute reaction to the scene. i miss hubby and i made pasta before our eyes will complicate proceedings. the tenant farming is a gemini meeting in edmonton seven nations and has full foreign nationals being held. no said the swiss foreign minister s with friends in the current anti life the organization and the extent that i am really keen to move to negotiations with the swiss foreign ministry saying that he meant haiz i really don't think i'm going negotiations high level negotiations and said qantas was being nice he didn't end up rates of seventy ad. everybody involved on the european side feeling the pressure to get these hostages out as quickly as possible. the nt government and ensure that any high profile hostages and the main dish a house in the pos been accused of using them as human shields definitely looks like
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the tension is building up to k parkinson reporting the life force or correspondents i've been slowly and steady giving us the latest on the ukraine crisis thank you for that report. the united nations security council also holding an emergency meeting of the growing crisis in ukraine at the request of russia in its second request a week the un undersecretary general for political affairs jeffrey feldman read a statement by the un secretary general ban ki moon in a bun urged all sides to exercise maximum restraint and appeal to those with grievances to voice them peacefully. he also called for all parties to respectfully ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity. i bought also announcing that felt and will travel to kiev and moscow next week to promote de escalation. the rest is a to the un calling upon the west to stop its destructive policy toward ukraine. he also called for the self acclaimed powers in kiev to swiftly hold alternative operations. the us ambassador to the un saying that the current violence in
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ukraine is caused by the militias supported by russia and the us supports the government's assault on anti government protesters ukraine's ambassador to the un is blaming the anti government protesters for the current violence meanwhile china's envoy to the un is saying a political solution to the crisis is the only way out. once you are someone cool considering safeguarding the fundamental interests of the ukrainian people and regional peace and stability. china hopes all related parties. rubicon and restraint. the wood for the worsening the situation in the country. ukrainian troops move against anti government forces across the east and south of the country. the war of words between russia and the us escalating make him king has this report. we're not we're ready we can now state that those actions of the key of
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the government to cancel at the geneva agreements is unlikely to expect now we're in a partial implementation of the agreement but nevertheless russia continues to undertake consistent efforts to de escalate the week on the european capitals as well as the united states to give an appropriate assessment of what has happened. and of course because those who use the asian against populated areas to come to their senses addressing the escalating situation in europe. a second offense chopped a go speaking to nato alliance members said the escalation in ukraine was a moment of challenge to the lions russians at the end of the cold war had ended security challenges in europe next make the members think the defense spending in the short term the transatlantic alliance has responded to russian actions. with continued result. for a long term. we should expect russia to test our alliances purpose stamina a commitment. future generations will know whether at this moment. at this
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moment of challenge. we summon the will to invest in our lines. standing next to jimmy jones left and obama will the white house. us president barack obama said of russia tries to disrupt elections scheduled for may twenty fifth in ukraine that sanctions against key sectors of the russian economy could fall out. he also dismissed russia claims of the us was behind can't use of false and said it was russia who was sponsoring armrest in ukraine's eastern south. i tried it on his face painted russian prime minister dmitri medvedev said the appeal court is in ukrainian capital should come to their senses and still the killing of their own citizens. otherwise he says the countries they may be extremely sad. of a diplomatic deal now that we now have increasingly confrontational rhetoric and calls for more ministry spending in europe. making things is needed in washington. the i was poor
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the eye. the really good show and is set to be official visit to ethiopia nigeria angola and kenya from the forts to the eleventh this'll be his first visit to africa while in office and it coincides with the fiftieth anniversary of former premier a job online is the first visit to africa earlier we spoke to our reporter home now and she told us what is on the premier's agenda and what's expected to come out of district the primary task first. after the tories including top eight and comes after presentation. things started to africa in march last year a need to push outward china africa tightening is mutually beneficial cooperation during the day from here
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will meet with leaders from the four african countries the african union and will have broad engagement with people from all walks of life during his eighteen in the open yet managed to get the headquarters of the african union in ethiopian capital. yet the east of the bath where he will deliver a speech on chinese africa can lead people to give it the message here. read here will attend the twenty fourteen world economic forum on africa to be held the blue jackets have to be ninety years. fold in the east chinese company in overseas chinese during tuesday in the last blog during peak taking any act of the year will also meet with officials from the technique and i met her about anything i mean she's adamant her back and he will discuss but that china's cooperation. it seems to ignore again what we know china has africa's largest trading partner for fine can pick the gears in a major
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source of new investments africa has the chinese in what we want our kids yet largest market of overseas contract project. china's direct investment stock to africa has week's twenty one during us dollars by the end of twenty thirty in the euro more than two thousand and iconic chinese company. xd africa still expect me to the operations of the african countries. the current states the outcome of the day that's what included governmental dealt cooperation projects with financial institution in their bright pink. regina projects others covering various fields. so you heard a reporter mode i just talk about the relationship between africa and china and the importance of it but that's why chinese premier league the chinese visiting the country from a force to the eleventh. now what's learn more about his trip in the importance between the two countries. this could all reporters to you taking on more of china and africa
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is heinz chinese leaders to police attached to grayson importance to developing relations with countries in africa. this is by many chinese korean news joe and i was a milestone in china africa relations. he misses his ten african countries from the end of nineteen sixty three to the beginning of nineteen sixty four the said premier week or so this is to ethiopia nigeria angola in kenya combs at the freaking time. this is exactly the fiftieth anniversary of their performance into a nine page of the sea to african countries and also during his sentencing to africa. andy and angela nine the fullest of any favors. unlike the eight principles of kyneton as affording them the sistas the fa cup and also those that peaceful quiet peaceful coexistence of principles also has the purple of the people he
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said. most of the team is china and africa had enjoyed her from friendship to steal the fifty four countries in africa have established diplomatic relations with china. it's become africa's top business schoo and afric. s majort somany chinese companies have invested in mining industries and infrastructure construction at the same time the tories are fat content in all realms new one comprising moral social and culture exchanges. this is a change from the old partnership to buy the economy and natural resources. the whole of the political and sectarian was theconomic autonomy. in the future of the concoction a corporation can also execute in the peace and cooperation. the people to people contacts. now will be paid to put it as well so we have already noticed today
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that the phone company. until the close of five tyler atc has maintained high in prison how have i said to the incheon seoul. place each month a mother whose actual contact i know some people to people contacts. the peace and security. so those sectors. the great potential full terms in africa the man. it's also i got to play in africa's key from security challenges the peacekeepers to the democratic republic of congo. so mommy i'm so gonna get great support and financial aid to the peacekeeping mission since then it died. this is in africa. thai stocks that this sprawling over the cost of five decades. we really could sell to six africa is expected to take political and economic cooperation with
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the cousins to new heights and strengthen the people that i just knew the nation's lot of things for africa sleep seems to think he ate it. thai opposition leader potty seat in the dead diva has urged to delay a general election planned for july by up to six months. i use it to told a news conference on saturday that the vote should allow time for reforms aimed at ending the country's political crisis. the former prime minister said that he wanted the country to be run by a neutral interim government with limited powers. that said that he would not be part of the reform committee and that no politician should be included. i mean this to lunch to mediation efforts on april the twenty fourth however protest leaders should have had shown no willingness to compromise hardcore demonstrators say that they will continue to her wrath. the government until prime minister give lecture walk trot is for stuffs which they've been endeavoring to do since last
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november. now to the latest information on the deadly landslide that has happened in northern afghanistan. we have some new numbers from reuters that says a spokesperson for the provincial governor confirming that more than twenty one hundred are dead in a massive landslide which had a remote village on friday. the melon this area had experienced several days of heavy rain and flooding has caused the side of the cliff to collapse onto the village of hobo blurry search began on saturday morning amid the concern that the un stable hillside make a vegan. way to get to know that now we can only help displaced people. those straps and the landslides and who have most lines. it is impossible to do anything for them they are bad though when i was then distributed to less like survivors in the provincial governor is saying about three hundred
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homes but third of the houses in the area were hit after it will collapse of the village local officials are saying most of the missing are feared dead. as most of the houses are buried under aut twenty meters of debris landslides in the collections are frequent in afghanistan but friday's was one of the dead things. the search and rescue operation continues for the missing passengers from the south korean ferry which capsize over two weeks ago. the death toll has risen to two ordered twenty eight and a further seventy four people remain unaccounted for. a news conference has been held in seoul with the latest updates on friday the search teams scoured the fourth and fifth stories of the sunken ship there were more than one hundred divers involved but they've encountered difficulties because of strong winds high waves and rain. four bodies had been retrieved from waters some four kilometers away from the ferry. twelve cabins were forcibly opened and another six will be opened on saturday. an official from
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the maritime administration also saying that the conference that maybe belongings of the passengers had been found in water some thirty km away from the ferry and that information was released during a news conference and professional pro personnel had been deployed to help the anxiously awaiting families. our correspondent eugene john is in seoul and she's telling us that the second phase of the search effort started on friday. the main focus is still under treaty bodies but due to the strong winds drivers are standing by waiting for the opportune moment to go back into the waters. eighteen days of searching i found two hundred and twenty eight bodies by seventy four are still missing a horrible the weather and sea conditions ignorance and or today on the divers had not been able to search under wire things last night and this morning because of extremely strong winds causing the high tide up to one point five meters high and strong strong currents
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under water. we note that the drivers are standing by to go into the water as soon as the tides died down today's focus will be on the action happens in the central and less clean up the forth back and all state capitals and let clean up the thursday as well. there is increasing concern among families that some of these bodies may drift away from the ferry and never be found the government has sat still for deployed over two hundred fishing boats in the nearby waters search of the two hundred or so and that ireland's at around the ferry to ensure that some of these missing bodies if they have drifted away. i can be found i was on manufacturing industry continually an upward trend in april according to the national bureau of statistics in the china federation of logistics and purchasing the purchasing managers'
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index for china's non manufacturing sector rebounding to fifty four point eight percent in april that's a gain of zero point three percentage points from a month earlier the index of new orders holding and business outlook remained high. ipo by a reading above fifty percent indicates industry expansion. well the reading below fifty percent reflecting contraction. i know as the saying that the rebound of the service sector and market demands for the main impetus a zeal to say it is actually this is the productive side effects especially the logistics industry are active. the pmi tapes released on thursday shows large purchases by companies. so from the aspects of china's economy production and business to the market is active. a us jury also ordering samsung electronics to pay a one hundred and nineteen point six million us dollars topple over alleged copying of smartphone
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features this and although it's far less than appellant sought to pin marks a big loss for the i phone maker in the latest round of the globe spanning mobile pack and mitigation. during the monthlong trial is set as a federal courthouse in california use cents on the violating patton's on smartphone features including universal search. but samsung denied wrongdoing. the ruling came on friday when the jury found the south korean smartphone maker had infringed to apple patents apple and samsung have been mitigating this for about three years. in two thousand twelve the trial also in san jose a juror is awarded the i phone maker about nine hundred and thirty million us dollars. but apple failed to persuade u s district judge a higher court to issue a permanent injunction against the sale of samsung phones in the us. people in your life will soon be able to buy up to ten grams of marijuana
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every week. the once new licensing laws cake and homegrown marijuana is a million dollar us business that has been illegal up to until now. but the government could read some of the benefits that bill richards has the story. it's not just uses but now the state has experimented with candidates. the historic decision to legalize the sale and production of marijuana in your life is a bold new approach to the problem of drug use. this enormous health is the number one priority. most users are expected to buy directly from pharmacies with all those who beat her in the road the sun has opened up a new market in the mid twenties these two friends started an online business two years ago selling equipment for growing marijuana in tools. i'm going off. i wouldn't do it when he saw the ministers and executive powers in the meeting giving a press conference saying that amounts to twelve measures
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for security with legalizing marijuana is what i saw the issue was being talked about and saw it as an opportunity for businesses going so well that you'll grow is a list of shopping malls in detail. this has left the previous jokes. it is a popular choice than you know about cannabis clubs of between fifteen and forty five members to grow a maximum of twenty nine palms they didn't overcome the struggles these glorious because they grow naturally outside. he's going isn't marijuana for twenty is why hold onto this of course the new deal he says there are still problems to lineouts tonight was a hit flu reported in the meanders of debate down under with wi fi members and ninety nine pence is an economically viable for it to be vital several clubs need to get together in just one piece it's a question of the cost of the energy that you need for plants. as you know the president was in a teacup told cctv last july
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the purpose of this legislation is quote to steal the market the drug trade there's no good for this news updates on christopher says tv news stations so much for joining us. see you again soon the eye. poor. my name the city. and in chief. i can from here on. i've been thinking more than ten years i'm asking me abt my heart
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you might like. i couldn't imagine the dust. when i can think of it. speaking to the music. kidney from june nineteen twenty the communication. the two paint and then finish. i don't know then i can use area. i just get out of my stash. i forced written on them and singing in agreement two on and on. dang and female. here on behalf of the current teachings. sen constable on the other language. up there on the kisser. completely different and it costs you want to. he had this for like ever i killed that caused a variety of custom. and then goes to womanhood. it is getting. well some of them
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has their fortune some of them had the opportunity to pursue getting some of them not. put the shoes than i can be fatal. eye. i know it's a saturday night during japan will continue slide troops but ukraine's armed forces have stepped up efforts to try pro russian militants out of the eastern part of the country. at the same time to deal with in the parade of violence further south where they have on rest is left dozens of people dead the violence in the southern city of odessa broke out when pro russian militants attack supporters of the interim government taking part in the rally. three of the demonstrators were kil
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